GTH has been conducting weekly bible studies three times a week since its inception. Gedame Tekle Haymanot ...



The word church has two meanings. One of these means a community of the faithful who are baptized ...



Basic to the teaching of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church is faith. The church believes that ...


Welcome to Gedame Tekle Haymanot Bible Association

In the name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit we welcome you to the web site of the Gedame Tekle Haymanot Bible Association. We hope this site will give you insight about Gedame Tekle Haymanot Bible Association and the beliefs and history of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. May the Peace of the Lord be with you!

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Gedame Tekle Haymanot Bible Association Several Charity Works

Psalm 37:31

The low of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide

Works Done by GTHBA

Several charity works has been conducted by GTHBA. Few examples are that GTHBA emergency hunger relief fund for the 1998 Ethiopian famine which raised over $400,000 for the famine victims. Last year GTHBA has organized another relief fund for the churches that were burned by Muslim extremist in south Ethiopia (Jimma and Elebabur). You still can send check or money order to help these churches.

Saint Tekle Haimanot

Saint Tekle Haimanot

(Tekle Haymanot or Takla Haymanot “Plant of Faith” Saint Takla Haymanot of Ethiopia) (c. 1215 – c. 1313) was an Ethiopian monk who founded a major monastery. He is considered a saint by both the Coptic and Ethiopian Churches. His feast day is August 17, and the 24th day of every month in the Ethiopian calendar is dedicated to Tekle Haymanot.