The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church serves the faithful through the seven sacraments. These sacraments are called mysteries because the invisible grace of the Holy Spirit is granted through them.

The Seven Sacraments are:

1. Baptism
2. Confirmation
3. Holy Communion
4. Ordination
5. Matrimony
6. Penance
7. Unction of the Sick

The Ethiopian orthodox Tewahedo church, taking the example of pillars as has been said in the Proverbs of Solomon as a starting point,, teaches that there are seven sacraments (Proverbs 9:1). Of the seven, the six sacraments can be performed by a bishop and a priest. Ordination is conferred by a Bishop only.

Saint Tekle Haimanot

Saint Tekle Haimanot

(Tekle Haymanot or Takla Haymanot “Plant of Faith” Saint Takla Haymanot of Ethiopia) (c. 1215 – c. 1313) was an Ethiopian monk who founded a major monastery. He is considered a saint by both the Coptic and Ethiopian Churches. His feast day is August 17, and the 24th day of every month in the Ethiopian calendar is dedicated to Tekle Haymanot.